Automotive Electronics

With the development of automotive electronics from the past few decades, the idea of intelligent and energy-saving design has become the key points to meet the market trends and the consumer needs. Since early 1980s, the proportion of automotive electroniclization has increased from approximately 2 to 3 percent to over 50 percent nowadays. It is also expected that the development of vehicles will be more intelligent, safer, and more energy-saving, all because of the great improvement of automotive electronics system.

However, during the process of automotive electroniclization, the reliability requirements for automotive electronics product is stricter compare to the requirements for general consumer electronics products. This is result from the assumption that vehicles shall survive even in extreme environment, which is taken into account during the design and manufacturing phase of such product. For instance, one of the automotive electronics product reliability requirements is to perform 500 hours+ temperature testing range from 155 degrees to -40 degrees. In addition, the automotive electronics product durability requirement is set at minimum 10 years or even up to 15 years – relatively difficult for other competitors to enter such industry.

Liang Dar has been engaged in the automotive electronics related businesses for decades, supporting our well-known tier 1 customers in developing and manufacturing PCB for such products. We have the ability to cooperate with our customers from the preliminary design phase to the mass production phase, along with our strength of production flexibility to develop the markets together.