Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals have now become the necessities to human being in modern society, with the feature of quick turnover in both software and hardware updates. In that case, our mission in terms of supporting customers engaged in such industries is to provide higher production flexibility and shorter lead time for sample testing purposes. With such flexibility, Liang Dar also offers the options of lower minimum order quantity and better lead time during both sample and mass production phases to support our customers in winning new businesses.

Also, as most of the computer peripherals are now designed to be smaller in size but greater in function, Liang Dar is capable of complying with the requirements of lower board thickness the extreme heat/voltage resistance along with our UL certified materials and a series of reliability testing with positive results. In regards to the plugging components, with our certified materials and quality control system, the results of durability and aging testing have also been positive and without the history of recalling.

For computer peripherals, we cooperate with our leading customers in the fields from computer mother board manufacturers to computer power supply unit manufacturers to determine the suitable materials and the specifications in those products.

We have been working with our customers from Japan, Europe and Americas for years, and with our experience in the industry, we are confident to provide our customer the best solution in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing.