The business of lighting industry has been growing as a result of the needs from human being and the motivation of making use of the intelligent lighting technology to improve the quality of life. In addition to the intelligent lighting technology, the requirements of comfortability, well-being, and safety in modern life have also been considered when developing such technology. In lighting industry, a lot more parameters such as illumination, light distribution, light color, color rendering, uniformity, efficiency and other requirements are taken into account, while the needs of lighting differs due to the geographical environment, age, occasion and so on.

In response to the trend and development of low-carbon economy, LED lighting, with the advantage of energy saving, environmentally friendly, small in size, radiation free, flicker free, and low temperature, has become the alternative with great potential to the world that is used to replace the traditional bulb lighting. Furthermore, the characteristics of continuity and the human well-being in the development of LED lighting business are also critical in addition to the concept of energy saving lighting. Generally speaking, the three main steps in such development consist of the popularity of LED lighting products, the application of intelligent lighting system and people oriented lighting solution.

Based on our observation, the trends of future lighting business are as following:

1. People oriented lighting solution in conjunction with health management feature. 

2. The breakthrough of light effect, light distribution, and appearance. 

3. Innovations that are combined and developed with electronic control, communication, sensing technology, architectural software and mobile APPs. 

4. Standardized interface with easy installation feature. 

5. Low cost, high light efficiency, and long life.